PAMM account trading

The XPATFX PAMM system allows investors to invest funds with experienced PAMM Fund Managers on our platform from which they trade the markets on the investors behalf. The PAMM Managers earn an agreed Success Fee when they make a profit for their invested funds.


Select on a PAMM account suitable for you base on the account rating
Get registered and top up your transitory account however you find convenient
Invest and manage the funds on your investment account directly from XPATFX

How PAMM accounts and PAMM portfolios work

Managers – Open a PAMM account and invest a certain amount of funds in it (manager’s capital). This fund is the risk on a par with their investors. The manager creates a proposal, where the terms of cooperation are defined, including the manager’s remuneration; the percentage of investor profits they receive as a reward for managing the account.

Investors – Assess the effectiveness of different managers by looking at the independent ratings, and select an account to invest in. If the manager achieves a positive trading result, the investor makes a profit, paying out a percentage of this to the manager.

Managers – Assemble a portfolio made up of individual PAMM accounts and invest some of their own funds into it, which ensures that they take a more cautious approach to their work. The manager can change the PAMM accounts in the portfolio and the proportion of funds invested in them. When investors receive profits, the manager receives a portion of these as remuneration.

Investors – Assess the effectiveness of different portfolio managers on our site and select a portfolio to invest in. Trading is conducted on the PAMM accounts that make up the portfolio. If these accounts make a profit, so do the investors, part of which they pay to the manager for successfully managing the portfolio.

It is important to note that past results are not indicators for future performance!
XPATFX provides the PAMM service to managers and investors, but is in no way involved in the management of accounts.
XPATFX takes no part in the management of funds invested by clients in the PAMM account service.

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